Main Category : Gift Baskets
Taste of Santo Stefano Basket
Price: $89.99
Santa’s Bag (light)
Price: $49.99
Santa’s Bag (heavy)
Price: $84.99
Family and Friends Christmas “Peace” Picnic Basket
Price: $184.99
Formaggio Basket
Price: $149.95
Taste of Michigan
Price: $59.99
"Joy" Pasta Dinner Tote
Price: $76.99
Boun Natale - Italian Christmas
Price: $249.99
Deluxe Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar Dipping Set
Price: $64.99
Just Dipping
Price: $39.99
Benvenuto alla Vita Dolce
Price: $199.99
A Merry Christmas Antipasti (small)
Price: $114.99
A Merry Christmas alla Vita Dolce (medium)
Price: $145.99
A Merry Christmas Buon Appetito (large)
Price: $199.99
A Merry Christmas Trio (all three filled stacking boxes)
Price: $399.99
Storybook Christmas
Price: $124.99
"Frosty" Tote
Price: $84.99
Let the Party Begin!
Price: $164.99
"Joyeaux Noel" French Christmas
Price: $136.99
Keepsake Basket
Price: $99.99
Pizza Nite
Price: $89.99
Santo Stefano del Lago
12 Washington Avenue · Grand Haven · Michigan